Star Wars Comics Dress

Posted: December 19, 2012
Star Wars Comics Dress

Aaahhh! Sensory overload! Star Wars, comic books, low cut, short skirt, hot girl...too many pleasing stimuli for my sensitive male ecosystem to process. Now this is a New Year's Eve dress if I've ever seen one.

Song Ja handmakes her Star Wars Comics dresses from 100% printed cotton fabric horizontally separated by a stretch knit center and vertically bifurcated by a zipper in the back. They are available in very limited quantities, as the Marvel Comics Bras have been on a crusade to hunt down and destroy them ever since the Darth Vader on the Star Wars Dress' left boob called the Captain America on the Marvel Bra's left boob "Captain Assmunch."

Ja accepts pre-orders only for her comics dresses, and then stitches them to custom measurements for final fits of curve-hugging perfection. Turnaround time to shipping is 1 to 1-1/2 weeks. If for some ungodly reason you would like straps or a halter neckline on the dress, add $5 to the cost and specify these strange demands in your order.

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