Star Trek: The Next Generation Hoodies

Posted: November 04, 2013
Star Trek: The Next Generation Hoodies
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They may be only moderately reminiscent of the uniforms Picard & Co. wore in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but definitely these hoodies will be more comfortable, breathable, and sported acceptably by all shapes and sizes than the Enterprise crew's stifling Spandex, gut-and-ass-spotlighting wardrobe. ThinkGeek's zip-up nod to the pinnacle of sci-fi franchises even runs up to size XXXL.

The Command (red), Sciences (blue), and Operations (gold) sweatshirts feature hoods with colored piping along their edges such that when the hood is down it mimics the Enterprise member's uniform collar. ThinkGeek notes their intentional design of the exclusive hoodie without pips so buyers can add their own, accurate reflections of current Starfleet rank.

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