Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants

Posted: March 23, 2017
Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants
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Pockets. Designed to hold stuff while your hands are busy. Pockets. Designed to drop stuff or make it really, really hard to get to when you sit down. Sitting pockets. Designed to conquer. Sitting pockets hold things. And then keep holding things when you hit your 90-degree bends. And then let them go without a fight when you're ready to take things back. Even better, these sitting pockets are sewn to the greatest article of clothing known to man: sweatpants, baby!

Does innovation know no end?!

Greg Tamargo's Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants flip pockets on their head...well, no, more like on their back...with a pair of reverse-entry front pouches. The opening faces your crotch rather than your crack, so when that crack hits a couch or chair you won't lose or have to struggle to retrieve your phone, keys, wad of loose Skittles, or whatever else you've got stored in your pants. Sitting pockets provide easy, continuous access to essentials in tight spaces such as movie / show / sporting event seats, on public transportation, and, for the injured or handicapped, in wheelchairs.

Sitting-Pocket Sweats are made from lightweight terry and have an elastic waistband with drawstring closure. At printing Betabrand was offering them up for pre-order, with shipments expected to go out in July 2017.

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