Sherpa Hoodie Blanket

Posted: January 09, 2019
Sherpa Hoodie Blanket
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The Snuggie evolved? These Sherpa Hoodie Blankets, and a whole bunch like them, are blowing up Amazon with their sherpa lining warmth on the inside, micro fleece-y softness on the outside, and bigness all over.

Correction: knee-length bigness. Unlike Snuggies, Sherpa Hoodie Blankets are designed not to drag on the ground or restrict movement, so you can wear them out and function in them at games and tailgates, while camping and grocery shopping, and at work, in an office that refuses to heat the building above 65 degrees, yet also just released a memo prohibiting the use of personal space heaters due to fire safety concerns.

Fire safety concerns my chattering butt cheeks! Almost every space heater on the market comes with auto-shutoff that kicks in at the slightest tap now. You're just too cheap to pay to heat the building, and know it's going to cost even more in electricity if 300 employees bring in power-sucking personal heat alternatives to compensate.

Anyway, these hoodie-sweatshirt-poncho-blanket hybrids come in a handful of colors, and one single size, intended to fit all. Which means about 40% of the people who believe that and buy a Sherpa Hoodie Blanket are still going to be cold.

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