Seinfeld x Percival Clothing Collection

Posted: May 22, 2023
Seinfeld x Percival Clothing Collection
$67 - $385
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Puffy shirt not included. The Seinfeld x Percival limited edition clothing collection takes its (sable Russian) hat off to the sitcom, and the 25th anniversary of the final Seinfeld episode's airing.

Percival says the line also celebrates 100 years of Warner Bros., but who gives a chocolate babka about that?

The Seinfeld capsule collection includes an interesting mix of designs, from the obvious, such as the cast portrait sweater above, and a Serenity Now T-Shirt, to the more subtle, including the Kavorka Houndstooth Wool Trouser the Hamptons Resort Short. And, since it's Seinfeld we're talking about here, you can also go for a perfect mix of subtlety and circus theatrics in the Reversible Jacket. Brown bomber on the outside. Candy Stripe lining on the flip.

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