Saint Unbreakable Motorcycle Jeans

Posted: July 09, 2017
$175 - $360
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When Saint calls their motorcycle jeans "unbreakable," they mean it without jest or hyperbole. And they're willing to put their body weight, their belt grinder, their X-acto knife, and their brute force where their mouth is to prove it.

The Saint line of Unbreakable impact- and abrasion-resistant denim includes several styles of men's and women's jeans, as well as Unbreakable jackets, designed for bikers who want to "look as good on [their] bike as [they] do off it." The Saint approach steers clear of bulky layers and liners, and incorporates no Kevlar, to achieve a level of comfort and style normally reserved for clothes you wouldn't be wise to wear exposed and rolling along at 75MPH on the highway.

Instead, Saint weaves its own denim using a double-warp beam, and blending cotton with UHMWPE, which they say is the "world's strongest fiber," but neglect to explain where it came from and how it's pronounced. So I'll go with Krypton and "Umwumpy." This resultant fabric has 360-degree torsional strength, and passes CE Level 1 motorcycle tests for burst and abrasion protection.

Put through the European Motorcycle CE EN1 3595-1 standard tests, Saint's Unbreakable 6 jeans achieved slide times of 5.9 seconds (approximately 245 feet) with little more than a superficial scuff.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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