Reindeer Hangover Ugly Christmas Sweater

Posted: November 06, 2014
Reindeer Hangover Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Listen. The only reason I'm showing you a barfing reindeer ugly Christmas sweater on November 6th is that when I waited for another month to show it to you last year it sold out before I had the opportunity. So just swap out the "F**k" for a "Thank" in your current "You" phrase and scoop up this most excellent display of gaudiness and hipster irony for your holiday parties before it's too late again.

The Reindeer Hangover ugly Christmas sweater is probably my favorite of what's fast becoming an illustrious segment of the fashion industry. Maker Alex Stevens alone has an entire line of irreverent and charmingly hideous designs to lift your holiday spirits, and win you some chuckles and pats on the back from friends and co-workers. I'm even hoping the outstanding Red Solo Cup accent on pukey Rudy's antler will be enough to score me some tongue when my HR manager runs over to kiss me...and check on that workplace injury I just faked...as I stand under the office mistletoe.

Get your heartwarming Reindeer Hangover scenes in sweater sizes S through XXL. While supplies last. Again, you're welcome.

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