Phone-Cleaning Microfiber T-Shirts

Posted: January 30, 2016
Phone-Cleaning Microfiber T-Shirts
$18 - $22
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Those microfiber cloth squares they give you with your phones and tablets to clean the screens? Or your glasses and sunglasses to polish the lenses? I usually accidentally throw mine away with the box. Or forget them. Or lose them. Genius Tee, committed to keeping our personal effects smudge-, dirt-, and white-cheddar-popcorn-dust-free without requiring us to remember or keep track of things, has designed a line of T-Shirts with microfiber cloths sewn into them.

Genius Patch, Genius Pocket, and Genius Loop shirts guarantee that come sweat, snack, or sunscreen you'll always have a clean screen or lens to use. Sure, you could keep de-griming your gear with the edge of your non-Genius T-Shirt, but unlike human bodies, glass and plastic composites do not respond so well to the touch, the feel of cotton. It mostly just pushes the grease around and leaves behind tiny fabric particulates. Genius Tees incorporate a photography-grade slice of microfiber into your clothing that is designed especially for dust and grease removal.

Choose from T-shirts with a diagonal microfiber patch or graspable loop at the bottom, or a pull-out flap at the front pocket. Men's and women's sizes in various colors are available.

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