Oral Me Thong Underwear

Posted: May 29, 2019
Oral Me Thong Underwear
  • Oral Me Thong Underwear
  • Oral Me Thong Underwear
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This isn't the first time a thong has been compared to dental floss. But with the Oral Me thong underwear, ladies might be more inclined to accept, maybe even champion, the connection. Because here it's not about some shrew reprimanding them for wearing no more than a piece of dental floss between their butt cheeks, but about the ladies themselves suggesting willing participants make like a piece of dental floss and starting cleaning between their...uh...other butt cheeks. The ones in the front.

According to the thong's (definitely not American) seller, these odes or Oral...B "will give you a naughty but still classic look." Well. They got the first half of that thought right anyway.

You might consider the Oral Men thong underwear as a gift for your girlfriend.

You might also consider the Oral Me thong underwear as the one piece of lingerie you hope your girlfriend never sets her eyes, or her crotch, on.

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