NYC Subway Tights

Posted: January 12, 2013
NYC Subway Tights
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NYC Subway Map Tights address two male quandaries. 1) Being lost on the streets of New York and not wanting to ask for directions. 2) Coming up with something non-douchebaggy to say after getting caught staring at a smokin' hot girl's legs. Stops on the 4 and 5 trains? All laid out from lovely thigh to ankle. "What the hell do you think you're looking at?" "Just checkin' how far it is from Astor to 33rd, ma'am."

Nylon Journal's stem-enhancing subway maps have been silk screened by hand onto 100 Denier microfiber tights from within the heart of the very city they represent. Available in white or gray with apple green print, New York's finest tights stretch from Bowling Green foot arches out beyond 42nd St. crotchal regions, literally bestowing their daring wearers with miles-long legs. Nylons are footed and one size fits all. What this really means is US sizes 2 to 14, and UK sizes 4 to 16.

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