Mohair Pants

Posted: January 22, 2020
Mohair Pants
$184.80 - $375.38
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Need some mo' hair down there? Feel all warm 'n' fuzzy on the inside and the out with SuperTanya's hand-knit mohair pants. The mohair knitwear is funky-chic on the eyes and either: a) soft as a pussywillow; or b) itchy as a skeeter on the skin. I can't decide which seems more likely, but it's definitely one or the other.

SuperTanya makes her SuperPants in dozens of different colors, and styles ranging from classy cable knit, to furry culture curious, to Sasquatch love bait.

Daring ladies looking to dip their toe into a fuzzy fashion trend might dip a leg into a pair of SuperTanya mohair pants, and dudes who want to snuggle up next to the bottom half of a lady bear can grab some as a gift for your girlfriend.

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