Method Raincoat Sweatshirt

Posted: November 05, 2017
Method Raincoat Sweatshirt
$99 - $109
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What's the Method? Add 1 part sweatshirt, 1 part raincoat, and 3 parts 21st century textile hocus pocus to a pot, and simmer until soft, cozy, and hydrophobic. MINIM Gear is crowdfunding their Method pullovers and zip-ups, waterproof jackets in the bodies of fleeces they say feel as soft as your sweatshirt.

Rather than adding a moisture-wicking chemical coating to their garments, or laying a crinkly raincoat layer on top, MINIM has sewn a malleable, 10k waterproof membrane inside the fleece of their Method gear, blocking the penetration of rain, and the water you dumped down the front of your shirt because the cap wasn't screwed onto the bottle, at the middle of the fabric. The Method keeps wearers dry without breaking down over time, and without the rigid feeling of traditional rain jackets. Here's a GIF.

Method sweatshirts are made with brushed fleece to provide up to 3 times more stretch than comparable outwear - pie-eating contest in the Amazon, here I come! The ultra-soft fleece also strives to deliver the same snug comfort as your stuffed Lambchop during wear.

Through November 21, 2017 MINIM Gear is running their Method campaign on Kickstarter. Pledge for your waterproof fleece pullover or zip-up in gray or black here.

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