Medusa Bodysuit

Posted: October 16, 2022
Medusa Bodysuit
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Snakes and temptation always seem to go hand-in-hand, and this Medusa Bodysuit is no exception. Sssexy, sssee-through, and ssslithering with ssserpents that maybe will, maybe won't cover up a lady's naughty bitsss, the Thistle and Spire design arrives just in time to make an appearance on Halloween, and always on time to make an appearance in the bedroom.

And, dudes, if she pulls the whole "My eyes are up here" thing in the Medusa Bodysuit, don't forget to remind her that looking into Medusa's eyes is what turns people to stone.

Oh, and also she's wearing a frikkin' piece of sheer lingerie with snakes crawling all over her boobies - how the rattler's tail are you supposed to not look?

Thistle and Spire sells their Medusa Bodysuit in a couple of color combos on Amazon, but has more options, plus additional Medusa-themed styles, on their website.

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