Matador Meggings - Leggings for Men

Posted: March 29, 2022
Matador Meggings - Leggings for Men
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Not sure Matador Meggings are right for you, dudes? Not sure any leggings, even those designed especially for men and their anatomies, are masculine enough for a place on your legs and crotchal region? Well. Matador Meggings creator, Valentine Aseyo, has this question for you: "Show me a superhero that doesn't wear leggings. I'll wait."

Aseyo developed the idea for Matador Meggings during a yoga instructor training, where he realized he could either wear less comfortable, less yoga-friendly attire, or grab a pair of women's leggings and put his C&B on thinly-veiled display. The Matador Meggings design is based on the pants worn by their namesake. Bullfighters need durable, tight-fitting pants that move exactly as they do, so Aseyo attempted to translate those properties - along with a matador's bravado and badassery - into his re-engineered leggings for men.

Matador Meggings' main male property is their No-VPL Technology. VPL. That's Visible Penis Line. You know, the male version of camel toe. Matador's leggings include a soft-molded crotch cup that "conceals and cradles your Johnson with every move." In addition, the Meggings have: an open phone pocket; a zippered valuables pocket; a T-shirt / towel loop; and an inner drawstring to keep crack from killing while you're forward folding in hot Vinyasa.

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