Mass Effect Clothing

Posted: August 18, 2013
Mass Effect Clothing
$78 - $92
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I know many of you are thinking it, so I'm just gonna put it on paper: the mass effect of Black Milk's Mass Effect body-hugging clothing collection is to effectively give every male fan of the video game series a massive boner. Black Milk, we Commander Shepards salute you. Up high and down low.

Dudes perusing our Girlfriend Gift Guide will note that many items suggested for your better half also double as gifts for your best half: yourself. The Mass Effect line, which includes leggings, a tank dress, and a swimsuit, will certainly serve the purpose of making even the most homely/whiny/naggy/empty-headed women more pleasant to look at and interact with, and if your girlfriend is actually hot and tolerable already, a pair of N7 leggings becoming one with her ass could elevate her to prototype status for Super Sentient Female 1.0.

Mass Effect leggings are available for standard online purchase through Black Milk clothing, and the tank dress and swimsuit will be made to order.

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