Lorals Latex Panties - A New Way to Say Yes to Oral

Posted: July 23, 2021
Lorals Latex Panties - A New Way to Say Yes to Oral
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Finally! A wearable dental dam! Lorals Latex Panties, despite being able to stop right there - latex panties? I'm in! Wrap some in every style up as a gift for my wife - aren't just sexy underwear to look at, they're functional underwear to don during sexy time. Lorals deems their brand of ultra-thin disposable latex panties, "A new way to say yes to oral," because they enable ladies to enjoy them some oral sex without fully exposing their pleasure parts.

If you're a dude, I know you're probably wondering, "Why in the name of the Baby Jesus would a lady want to get a blowjob with a condom on?!" According to Lorals, the reasons are many, and they say 87% of women have turned down oral when they really wanted it for one of the following:

  • They don't want that level of up-close exposure or skin-to-skin contact. (And maybe the oral administrator doesn't either.)
  • Their partner - you - has scratchy, chafing stubble due to being lazy and not shaving that day, or believing it looks good on him.
  • They're on their period.
  • They just worked out, or otherwise don't feel squeaky clean, or maybe groomed, in the crotchal region.
  • The kind of oral on the table is coming in the back door, and Lorals Latex Panties will offer some peace of mind about potential unsavory discoveries during, uh, deep sea explorations of the brown starfish.

In addition to providing some practical and psychological support during oral sex, Lorals says their Latex Panties will also add some low-key kinky fun if you snap, stretch, and spank them.

Lorals Latex Panties are single-use, and individually packaged in a discreet pouch. They have a vanilla scent and, as the GIF indicates, provide only the thinnest barrier between tongues and fingers and sensitive bits. Lorals makes the sexy sexy-time underwear in Bikini and Shortie styles, and sells them in packs of 4. They're sized to fit anyone who wears a 0 to 14 (additional sizes are on the way) and apparently pair well with Uberlube.

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