Keiri Belt Bra

Posted: April 26, 2023
Keiri Belt Bra
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The Keiri Bra, a bra that looks like a belt, right down to the way it "cinches" ladies' bust lines by squishing, squashing, and smashing their boobies flat. Now, I get why ladies might want support and containment in the chesticular region, but flattening? The name is right, because this is a Keiri-ous bra design indeed.

And that's before even touching on how that giant buckle and metal prongs are going to look underneath a shirt. Talk about a bra line.

The only real uses I can think of for the Keiri Belt Bra are: 1) a piece of lingerie for people into light bondage; and 2) a top to be worn all by itself. And if either of those is the bra's true intent, then...I wholeheartedly approve! Two nips up to the Keiri Belt Bra!

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