I Watch You T-Shirt

Posted: July 04, 2013
I Watch You T-Shirt
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Happy harsh dose of 4th of July reality! Aw come on, it's not so bad that Uncle Sam sees America celebrating its independence by launching bottle rockets out of beer bottles and butt cracks. We fought hard for this freedom we're honoring, and part of that freedom allows for jackassinine shenanigans involving alcohol, explosives, watermelon, and maybe a Boobs ice luge.

Tomorrow, though, being watched by the government is going to go back to sucking a fat walrus teat. And we need a T-shirt to point it out, express our disgruntlement. Uncle Sam. You asshole. I'm an upstanding citizen of these United States and I don't need you putting a magnifying glass to my demonstations of such as I return things to Wal-Mart for a full refund once they've served my purposes, demand to-go boxes at buffets, and regularly avoid hitting bicyclists by mere inches as a friendly reminder that they should get the F off the roads.

According to seller Irregular Times, the I Watch You T-Shirt was ethically produced in these great and united states in which we live. For every shirt sold, the company will donate $1 to "progressive political causes" and another $1 to international microloans for people impoverished nations that actually do make us feel very damn lucky to live in America.

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