Holographic Tracksuit

Posted: October 23, 2021
Holographic Tracksuit
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My favorite thing about Reflective Clo's description of their Holographic Tracksuit is that one of the first things they call it "cozy." Like, nevermind that it's reflective to the point of being trippy, that it makes an oil-slick-rainbow explosion in everyone's face when hit with any type of light, the main takeaway here is that the Holographic Tracksuit is one motherfucking cozy tracksuit.

So I guess that makes the Holographic Tracksuit a great gift for a dude who likes to snuggle up in the corner and go to sleep at raves.

Also note the zip-up jacket portion of the tracksuit zips all the way up, over your face to the top of the hood in back. If worn like this to the club or out jogging at night, it would ensure everyone could see you without really seeing you. So I guess in addition to "cozy," another top descriptor of the Holographic Tracksuit is "ironic."

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