Hand Knit Adult Onesies

Posted: October 07, 2019
Hand Knit Adult Onesies
$304.84 - $937.97
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Happy Monday, cold people and penitents ready to level up your hair shirts! Strickolino has some hand knit adult onesies for you. Super chunky hand knit adult onesies. Like, chunkier than Skippy Extra Crunchy, the pico de gallo at Nacho Baby's, Ursula the Sea Witch, and an LA face with an Oakland booty combined. Why risk getting tangled up in an extra large, extra chunky knit blanket, when you can turn that blanket into a sick, custom-sized jumpsuit that makes you look like NASA just landed at Grandma's house?

Strickolino makes the onesies in a few different styles and yarns, including standouts "Itchy and Scratchy" and "12KG." In case you're wondering what those terms mean in this context, "Itchy and Scratchy" indicates the yarn used in knitting these jumpsuits will make wearing them feel like 1 million tiny gnats are taking turns biting you all over your body. As you try in vain to swat them away, the feeling will intensify. "12KG" means this chunky MF weighs 12 F'ing kilograms. That's 26.5 pounds for those who don't get shock value when delivered in the metric system.

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