Ghostbusters Venkman Jacket

Posted: October 26, 2013
Ghostbusters Venkman Jacket
$69.99 - $72.99
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It's not quite as cool as toting a real Proton pack, and infinitely less cool than being the real Peter Venkman, but this Ghostbusters printed Venkman jacket is still better than a tan Russell Athletic zip-up from Target, completely unmarked less that Sriracha stain along the left pec. The 2D nature of the jacket's Proton pack also leaves room for carrying a bag filled with items I actually know how to use in the face of danger. A Brutus the bulldog keychain. Pepper spray. A jar of butterflies.

My secret weapon.

Nobody ever suspects the butterfly!

Ghostbusters jackets, version Venkman, come in sizes S through XXL.

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