Game of Thrones Beer Label Shirts

Posted: May 10, 2012
Game of Thrones Beer Label Shirts
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If the Game of Thrones beer labels and T-shirts are here, the Game of Thrones brews themselves can't be far off. Obviously House Lannister will be a golden ale, House Targaryen a Belgian white, and the Night's Watch a hearty stout, but how about the others? In light of Catelyn's and Lysa's perpetually furrowed brows and pursed lips, I'd designate House Tully an extra special bitter. For the Starks...something strong and full-bodied. But dense. Very, very dense. And served with no head.

While George RR Martin works out the specific branding for the beverage tie-in, we can occupy ourselves with the next best thing: satansbrand's Game of Thrones beer labels. Here, now, in the (as yet unflayed) flesh, these Westeros-themed imprints of all your favorite liquid pub candies are available in T-Shirt, sticker, and, in some cases, smartphone skin form. T-shirts hail from American Apparel, and are sized Tyrian Lannister to The Mountain.

Still bummed there are no potables? I know, me too. But think of it this way: as long as we enjoy the beer-themed paraphernalia instead of drinking the actual beer, probably we won't get impaled by a wild boar and die, leaving our false sons conceived by the incestuous relationships between our wives and their twin brothers to take our thrones. Weee, one XL Baratheons Pub Ale, and one Lannister Gold iPhone sticker for me, please.

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