Fireproof, Waterproof, Windproof 100 Year Hoodie

Posted: March 15, 2020
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Version 3 of Vollebak's 100 Year Hoodie is like the Anti-Captain Planet of outerwear. It repels wind, rain, snow, and now, fire. Earth is still missing though. Maybe they'll build version 4 to emit a force field against mud and avalanches. Or to protect you from the coronavirus.

The newest 100 Year Hoodie has a 3-layer construction from fabric originally used in elite military clothing. Caressing your skin like a lover back home, the inner layer is a grid-structured engineered fleece with thousands of tiny air channels to create both warmth and ventilation. You know, like she's spooning you in front of a fan.

The 100 Year Hoodie's middle layer is a waterproof membrane like those sewn in high performance ski or running jackets. It blocks rain and wind, while letting out excess heat and sweat. The warriors who hold off the enemy while the innocents escape.

The newest addition to the 100 Year Hoodie, its outer layer, defines its Moses-length life. This fabric is your warding spell, the magic that brings durability and abrasion resistance to the zip-up, as well as both water- and fire-proofs it.

According to Vollebak, "each 100 Year Hoodie takes over 40 weeks to make but is designed to last for the rest of your life."

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