Doppelganger Humanoid Fleece

Posted: February 27, 2014
Doppelganger Humanoid Fleece
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Leave it to Japan Trend Shop to extol the virtues of these Humanoid Fleeces--a "secret" second run of the onesies that sold out during their initial release, your ticket to looking like a superhero in a cult sci-fi movie--while ignoring trivialities such as whether or not I'll be able to see or breathe while wearing one. Because barring any chance of asphyxiation or falling down the stairs, I'd be in one of these faceless full-length fleeces hovering over my slumbering friend Cornelius with a flashlight in my face faster than a jackrabbit on moonshine.

Doppelganger Outdoors began their foray into onesie fabrication with wearable sleeping bags for legitimate uses, such as camping trips, winter hikes, and spending the night in the airport because your flight destination just received 11" of white diarrhea again. Expanding the line to Humanoid Fleeces, the company now offers a viable solution to those who also want to stay warm during their next cosplay convention or bank robbery.

Faceless fleeces come in 4 sizes with corresponding colors. Like, all the smalls are pink, all the mediums are green, all the larges are brown, and all the XLs are blue. Yeah I have no idea why either, but if these are Japanese sizes none of them will fit over more than one of my legs anyway.

And I'm not talking about my right leg.

Or my left.

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