D*ckhead Shirt

Posted: July 04, 2020
Dickhead Shirt
$19.99 - $21.99
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Is there any way to sneak a D*ckhead Shirt onto someone's body without them noticing? Yeah, but what if they're not a deep sleeper or blacked out drunk? What if they're, say, a wide-awake, and surprisingly spry, 68-year-old father-in-law sitting on your balcony on the 4th of July lecturing you about politics and the proper way to grill a ribeye?

Sigh. I didn't think so.

The Dickhead Shirt is the perfect way to give others instant insight into a dickhead's personality, on par with the World Champion Dick Trophy, but better because once they're wearing the shirt, it is guaranteed to be with them wherever they go.

Worse, though, due to the aforementioned conundrum of how to get a Dickhead Shirt onto a dickhead in the first place.

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