Columbia Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Coats

Posted: December 06, 2017
Columbia Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Coats
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Leia: I'm freezing. Han: I know. The Star Wars saga infiltrates Columbia Sportswear - or, more likely, Columbia Sportswear infiltrates the Star Wars saga - again this year, with a limited-edition series of The Empire Strikes Back winter coats.

Set for release on December 8, 2017, the Star Wars line includes 3 coats: the Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket; the Han Solo Echo Base Parka; and the Leia Organa Echo Base Jacket. They're all designed in the image of the actual garments their characters wore in The Empire Strikes Back. Each coat is $400, and buyers are limited to 5 per customer.

Columbia's accountants must be lickin' their chops like Jabba the Hutt.

All 3 Echo Base coats are made with Columbia's Omni-Heat thermal reflective technology, which they say helps provide additional warmth during wear without stifling breathability. In addition to the movie replica designs themselves, each coat also has a few additional Star Wars flourishes, such as Rebel Alliance patches on one of their sleeves, and tags with individual messages sewn inside. Luke's says, "Warmer Than A Tauntaun," Han's " Never Tell Me the Odds," and Leia's "May the Force Be with You."

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