Chainmail Bikini Top

Posted: June 16, 2012
Chainmail Bikini Top
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Cosplay, Comic-Con, even the swimming pool. Yes, this handwoven chainmail bikini top is waterproof and primed for a summer of splashing, floating, and breaststroking medieval style. All that's missing is the sea serpent raft and inflatable sword. Tops come in a host of colors, including red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, magenta, pink, black, silver, and brown. All are crafted from anodized aluminum and latex-free EPDM rubber, the latter of which allows for enough stretch to accommodate the varying curves of ladies' curvy things. Adjustable satin ribbons secure the bikinis at their tops and backs in both open and racerback styles, with standard bra sizes of 32A to 40D available.

Vendor Utopia Armoury describes the chainmail tops as "extremely comfortable", and though it seems the material's reputation as combative armor would render them heavy (in an area most women don't want a noticeable downward pull, no less) they actually weigh in at only half a pound. In other good news for some, bad news for others, the porous metal links are also misleading--their tight weave precludes peep shows by providing full coverage of the chesticular area.

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