California Cowboy Aloha & Apres Ski Apparel

Posted: November 17, 2017
California Cowboy Aloha & Apres Ski Apparel
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Cowboy out of respect, California to the core. California Cowboy makes clothing that urges you to "Put your phone away and start a conversation." Their High Water and High Sierra aloha and apres ski shirts even have a waterproof zippered pocket to keep it safe and dry, and a built-in beer koozie to loosen you up when you do.

Named as a salute to the cowboys of the California Gold Rush, California Cowboy endeavors to infuse some of the adventurous spirit of the 1850s into button-ups, T-Shirts, and hoodies otherwise designed to maximize your chill. Step 1 of that process is to produce all of the apparel in Santa Ana, CA, where even the cotton threads of their High Water and High Sierra shirts live in a perpetual Friday night happy hour.

The High Water is California Cowboy's aloha-style button-up. Short sleeves, a slim fit, and svelte features make it the perfect wingman to warm weather. Features include:

  • Terry Cloth Lining. True, this does add some thickness and weigh to the High Water, but California Cowboy thinks of it as a sewn-in towel to absorb extra moisture after a swim, splash, or sweat. The lining is breathable and, they say, 25% more absorbent than standard cotton.
  • Dry Pocket. Like I said, when you tuck away your phone, it will be safe behind a hydrophobic zipper and waterproof fabric.
  • Koozie Pocket. All California Cowboy High Waters come with a koozie and shiny gold plate bottle opener, both of which you can slip, along with your beer, into a double needle reinforce pocket on the shirt.

California Cowboy's other signature shirt, the High Sierra, steps in when the when the temperatures drop and the slopes open. They call it an "apres ski" shirt, but all that really means is the High Sierra is the button-up you'll grab when the hard work is over and the kickin' back is about to begin. Like the High Water, it has waterproof and reinforced bottle pockets, and comes with a California Cowboy koozie and bottle opener. The High Sierra also has:

  • A luxury flannel construction, with fabric from Japan and Portugal.
  • Custom-developed cotton modal thermal lining to keep you warm when you don't get the prime spot by the fire.
  • Sunglass and hidden glove loops.

Also included in the California Cowboy apparel line are Dogtown Wash T-Shirts and fleeces, and beef-buttery (but 100% bovine-free) Wagyu fleece crewnecks and hoodies.

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