Butt-Enhancing Boxer Briefs

Posted: July 12, 2016
Butt-Enhancing Boxer Briefs

Why should ladies get all the fake-out fun? If there are men reading this who want to round out their physique too, I say go for it, dudes. I'll even give you a little pad on the back to show my support.

These butt-enhancing boxer briefs from Voem incorporate all of the comfort and movability of cotton undies, plus all the double takes and "Nice ass" nods of removable pads that contour your cheeks and create a perfectly bubbled badonkadonk. Because life's not fair, and you can't out-squat unfavorably flat genetics.

Pads slide in and out of a pair of hidden pockets inside the briefs, and are washable along with the underwear. Choose from Gray or Navy colors, and M through XXL sizes.

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