Brocade Dinner & Smoking Jacket

Posted: April 08, 2017
Brocade Dinner & Smoking Jacket
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Come on, Cousin Larry, don't be re-dikoolous, this is a niiiice jacket. I would wear it to my wedding. And I'd definitely wear it to your wedding. Machete 'N' Sons' Brocade Dinner & Smoking Jackets are part of their Decadence '89 line, what they describe as "shocking" formal garments enveloping the decadence that ran amok in the 80s. The 1880s. (I guess every century's 80s mark an age of excess.)

The jackets are all handmade in Denver, CO to your custom color, pattern, and measurement requests. The knockout piece shown here has a gold silk velvet shawl collar, welt pockets, pointed Edwardian style cuffs, a pointed back collar, and a slim Edwardian cut.

The fabric is a textured chenille tapestry brocade. Other fabric choices include wools, silks, and brocades with different designs.

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