Boxerkilt Pouch-Free Boxer Briefs with Total Airflow

Posted: May 12, 2022
Boxerkilt Pouch-Free Boxer Briefs with Total Airflow
$8.99 - $10.88
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Schweddy balls begone! Boxerkilts are boxer briefs whose front skirt flap takes the place of the traditional C&B pouch, allowing for, if Boxerkilt is to be believed, 100% airflow to and through your stifled junk. The company says wearing them is basically like going commando, but without the hygiene issues or risk of a testicular zip-up. (Note: dudes who freeball and do experience the latter, check out the Testicuzzi.)

Boxerkilts are made of a cotton / bamboo / spandex blend, and designed to promote airflow without getting bunched up or making weird bulges in your pants. The kilt panel is just a few additional grams of fabric, connected on both sides of the briefs, that easily lifts to give your peen access to a urinal, toilet, or glory hole. Under the panel lies a soft, edgeless, unrestrictive opening where your precious parts can rest and move naturally, and keep a cooler distance from the rest of your body. The increased airflow Boxerkilts provide can be especially nice for dudes who spend a lot of time sitting in a car seat or desk chair.

And while I'm not sure if Boxerkilt Boxer Briefs hail from Scotland like their predecessors, the claims that the kilt panel "is there to prevent your todger rubbing on your zip," and that the briefs leave you with "cool freedom instead of sweaty scrunch" lead me to believe they are at least a product of the UK.

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