Bill & Ted Ugly Christmas Sweater

Posted: November 22, 2016
Bill & Ted Ugly Christmas Sweater
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It's the holidays. Be excellent to each other, dudes. I'm using the Bill & Ted Ugly Christmas Sweater to serve as my own helpful reminder...and also to slay all contests when I party on at the 3 Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties I'm invited to this year, plus the 2 more in my office building I plan to crash because I heard they're giving out cash and liquor prizes. All we have around here are gift cards to Kung Pao Panda, and last time I ate there I had the runs for, like, 54 hours.

So like I said, 'tis the season. Be excellent to each other.

Front and center, the Bill & Ted Ugly Christmas Sweater depicts Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan outside their laws-of-physics-defying phone booth. The badass historical dudes they meet during their time travels run along the bottom, and Rufus fills out the sleeves. The sweater comes in sizes XS through 3XL.

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