3D Unicorn Underwear

Posted: April 01, 2018
3D Unicorn Underwear
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I bet if Juvenile saw these 3D Unicorn Underwear from Knicker Rocker he would think twice before telling the ladies to back that azz up. The panties are quite the statement piece, combining dreamy, fantastical unicorns with sexy lingerie with a definitive warning of the consequences for making any uninvited advancements on the lady wearing them. Skewered by a unicorn. A rough way to go.

The underwear's unicorn horn is not removable for sitting, or wearing clothes, or doing anything very practical while they're on, but at least Knicker Rocker made the piece out of plush-stuffed fabric instead of, like, 3D-printed PLA thermoplastic so if you accidentally fall off, say, the bed while wearing them your horn-inflicted injuries shouldn't be too severe.

3D Unicorn Underwear come in sizes S-XL. If you like what Knicker Rocker sewing up here, but are a 2D underwear kind of gal, check out her other cute ass animals underwear here.

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