Zinka Neon Sunscreen

Posted: May 28, 2012
Zinka Neon Sunscreen
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Panama Jack left the neon zinc oxide sunscreen game too early. Now that fluorescent orange, yellow, and pink are back--in a full-on, legitimate, non-humorous, non-ironic sort of way no less--I have to give a shout out to the SPF warpaint of 80s fame as well. Zinka claims it is "the original action sports sunscreen company, credited with introducing the first ever colored zinc oxide sunblock!" Over 25 years ago, apparently, but I'd never heard of them. Marketing...or the wiles of Central Americans...always placed the enigmatically monocled Mr. Panama at the top of my list of decorative, sun-shunning face paint in all the colors of the rainbow "Jacked", if you will, up on acid.

Zinka's brilliantly spectral hues range from black and army green, to the electric oranges, yellows, and purples now blinding us daily on the T-shirts, jewelry, and sunglasses of passersby (especially the plastic sunglasses. I can't believe this is for real. It's as if I stepped into the Hot Tub Time Machine.) Zinka makes 11 shades of what they call "Colored Nosecoat" in all.

Zinka Neon Sunscreen contains 25% zinc oxide, and purports to be the best total block available, reflecting the fatal UVA and UVB kisses of the sun, resisting the SPF-stripping caresses of water, and generally transforming its wearers into veritable warriors of summer. Sunscreen comes in 0.6-ounce tubes.

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