Your Face Custom Face Masks

Posted: April 29, 2020
Your Face Custom Face Masks
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Your own face on a face mask. The option has been available, and shown a few different faces of itself, for years now - remember the creepy Realface clone? - but this one from Obscure A Tees is made in the face of Covid-19, and intended for use in everyday social distancing pursuits.

Obscure A Tees masks are balaclava-style face covers custom printed with your own dashing mug from the nose to the neck. They're similar in execution to the Resting Risk Face face ID-compatible N95 respirator mask concept we saw back in February 2020, but applied to non-medical masks appropriate for the general public to wear when they go out.

To get a custom face printed mask, you'll need to upload and submit 3 hi-resolution head shots to Obscure A Tees, at the left, front, and right side angles shown in the photos on their website. Once they receive your request, Obscure A Tees designers will reach out to coordinate, and then put together a mockup of the mask for your approval prior to shipment.

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