YO Sperm Tester for Smartphones

Posted: December 01, 2016
YO Sperm Tester for Smartphones
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They've had smartphone attachments that tell you whether or not you're sober enough to drive for years now, so it's only logical YO is coming out with one to tell you whether or not you're fertile enough to make babies. The YO Kit is a sperm tester, and the first FDA-cleared smartphone-based apparatus that analyzes and provides feedback on your swimmers.

And, and! It plays you a video of them in action while you wait!

At printing, the YO Kit was available for pre-order, with a scheduled release date of January 1, 2017. So still a viable option for holiday gifting. Just print your receipt, run it through a few arcing turns of the scissors, tape a piece of white ribbon on the end, and your special dude will know his day of reckoning is on its way.

YO Kits come with a YO Clip mini microscope that attaches to your smartphone and syncs with the phone's video and camera light for swimmer viewing. "Sperm slides" hold the samples you insert into the YO Clip. They are (obviously) disposable, and each kit comes with two. Presumably slide reorders will be included in YO online store when it's live.

In an interview with Fit Pregnancy YO Sperm's parent company CEO, Marcia Deutsch, said the YO technology "is able to read the sperm sample 99 percent of the time, as long as the instructions are followed." Accuracy was around 97% during tests of 300+ guinea dudes.

As an at-home test, the YO Kit does have one major limitation: it can't give you an exact sperm count. Results read as either "Low" or "Moderate / Normal," and are based on World Health Organization guidelines for sperm motility and concentration. But really, the outcome of the test is secondary to its real draw: sperm videos! Can't wait to start seeing those swimming through my Facebook feed.

Note: If any ladies are reading this wondering what dude would ever want to put his sperm that close to his $300 phone, trust me. Some days we have a lot of time, a lot of videos, and, ultimately, a lot of bodily fluid on our hands. It won't be the first time it's happened.

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