Woo More Play Sensual Massage Oil Candle

Posted: January 09, 2022
Woo More Play Sensual Massage Oil Candle
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I'm not really sure why Woo More Play's sensual massage oil candle is named "Eat Me Out for Once." As far as I can tell, the muscle-rubbin' lube the melting wax of the candle produces is scented with sandalwood, papyrus, and cardamom, but it's not flavored, and it's not edible. And if Woo More Play is suggesting we pour the oil, which is still hot F'ing candle wax at its essence, onto the body parts most commonly associated with eating one out, well...uh...ouch.

Maybe the idea is, like, "If I burn a fine-smellin' candle, and pour the fine-smellin' liquid wax it produces all over your fine-ass body, and then use that wax as oil to give you a fine-ass massage - perhaps even a fine-ass ass massage - then afterwards...you better eat me out for once!"

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