TempTooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit

Posted: May 06, 2022
Temptooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit
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Just one question about the TempTooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit: does it come in gold?

So at first I thought the TempTooth was some sort of emergency first aid solution for people who unexpectedly lost a pearly white. Say, in a fall, or a punch to the face, or an olive pit that wasn't supposed to be there (who puts olives with pits in martinis?!) But, nay, my dudes. Looks like the TempTooth, despite its temporary name, is a tooth replacement kit for people who just prefer making their own teeth. It comes with enough moldable polymer plastic beads to make 10 teeth! And, according to TempTooth, you sculpt them into a "realistic tooth or crown in just minutes."

Such great news for those who enjoy the way the gap between their front and central incisor feels on their tongue, but have wives who insist they do something about it for the family photos. Or people who don't want to pay for a new canine premolar, but have a Hinge date, and feel like maybe they should ease the lovely lady into their missing tooth situation.

And, fine, yes. The TempTooth Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit is also a fine DIY option for those who plan to see a dentist for a crown or dental implant, but just can't get on the schedule for a minute.

TempTooth beads are FDA-approved, and not made in China. The replacement kit comes with step-by-step instructions for tooth construction.

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