Shark Face Mask

Posted: June 28, 2020
Shark Face Mask
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As stoked as I was for Shark Week to come early this year, now that April is over I have a Jaws-bite-sized hole in my heart that there won't be a Shark Week in July. But as I'm sure Etsy shop Printed Faces would say, when Shark Week gives you lemons...make Shark Face Masks to wear in public!

Or, say, around the house while humming the Jaws theme and chasing your wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power into the bedroom.

Shark Face Masks are all handmade from a 100% cotton outer shell and protective fabric inner layer. They are washable and reusable, and while they appear to secure with those elastic straps that make my ears feel like someone is slowly pulling them off my head after 15 minutes of wear, Printed Faces say they are very comfortable. They also come in 3 sizes for a better fit.

If you're missing the traditional summertime airing of Shark Week too, join me in diving into this collection of shark-themed gifts, along with the Shark Face Mask, for some solace.

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