Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printer

Posted: September 02, 2020
Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printer
$279 - $445
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It only took 10 years, but the Prinker temporary tattoo printer is finally here to give a nod to MoodINQ, one of ThinkGeek's most clever and classic April Fool's jokes.

Granted, the latter purported to be a real programmable tattoo system, one that surgically implants an e-ink panel into your body to accommodate and correct changing whims and drunk mistakes, and the Prinker is up front that its tatts won't last much longer than the ones from the gumball machine. But if you have some pent-up creativity, want to try before your buy or test out your own body art designs, or just have a tattoo-worthy event coming up, the Prinker has you covered. From head to toe, if you like.

Prinker devices are handheld blocks that hold either just black or a combo of black and colored inks. Using Prinker's Content Platform for iOS and Android you can either design your own tattoo, or choose from the 5,000+ in their archives. Once you've selected a design, all you need to do is send it to the Prinking press, prep your skin, and run the Prinker over the space like you would a paint brush.

Prinker inks are cosmetic grade and scrub off with soap and water if you need your tattoos only for a night, or realize your vision of a sloth smoking a joint peeking out of your shirt collar doesn't look so good realized. Prinker prints at a 1000 dpi resolution, and can create over a max surface area of 39" x 0.9" per run.

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