Pregnant Belly Painting Kit

Posted: October 04, 2012
Pregnant Belly Painting Kit
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I don't know how I feel about painting pregnant bellies for public display. Well, maybe it would be cool if one were painted with waves and then the small human being inside started kicking and fighting to get out and made it look like the waves were moving. Or if the design were a freaky face with big eyeballs and the fetus were predisposed to a career in professional sports and therefore had solid aim and impeccable timing and could make the eyes bulge and contort anytime someone bent down to check out its mama's bump. That would be cool. But otherwise, I don't know how I feel about painting pregnant bellies for public display.

If you do know how you feel, and it's two thumbs up on the preggo artwork, ProudBody's Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit supplies the tools for turning distended abdominal walls into colorful domes of maternal self-expression. The kit's water-based paints are FDA approved, and easily apply and remove. Each palette holds 8 colors--black, white, red, pink, orange, blue, green and yellow--with enough paint to create 20 pictures covering the full surface of the belly. Also included are a belly painting sponge and brush, tips and design ideas, and a sheet of temporary belly tattoos.

OK, I guess I also kind of like that painting of the baby with a tongue ring making a break from the womb. And the pumpkin because it reminds me of pie.

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