Pit Liquor - All-Natural Whiskey & Vodka Deodorant

Posted: November 04, 2021
Pit Liquor - All-Natural Whiskey & Vodka Deodorant
$9.95 - $19.95
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I always knew whiskey and vodka made me feel good, but who knew they could make me smell good too? Pit Liquor is a line of deodorants - deodorant cocktails, if you will - that use overproof whiskey and vodka as their base.

Think of all the distilleries that started making hand sanitizer when COVID hit. Pit Liquor operates under the same principle that alcohol kills bacteria, but in this case it's the wretched-smelling ones that populate your armpits, rather than the disease-spreading ones all over your hands. And unlike many commercial hand sanitizers, Pit Liquor founders Erica and Jason Feucht have developed their deodorants from all-natural, sustainable, food-grade ingredients to ensure your pimped-out, sweet-smelling pits will also remain free of toxins.

Pit Liquor deodorant comes in spray-on and roll-on varieties. Scents include Coconut Rum with Lime, Whiskey Black Pepper, Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Unscented. The Feuchts also promise that none of the scents will make you smell like actual booze. Unless you overdid it with the booze last night, in which case, don't blame the deodorant, dude.

Pit Liquor sells their deodorants directly, as well as on Amazon. With seasonal offerings such as Mulled Wine and Apple Orchard Cranberry, the all-natural whiskey and vodka deodorants will make great holiday gifts this year.

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