Overtones Fashion-Forward Hearing Aids

Posted: February 11, 2023
Overtones Fashion-Forward Hearing Aids

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call the Overtones hearing aids fashionable, but if you dig the look of earbuds and Bluetooth headsets hangin' from your ears, you might. However, I would definitely call Overtones fashion-forward, so defined by how wearing them vs. wearing almost any other hearing aids in existence makes you look. That is, like you're not even wearing hearing aids. If my friend Cornelius showed up to my house with some Overtones, I'd probably just think he got himself some new bone conduction headphones.

Truly, Mama. I would. I'd think he looked pretty alright sporting his Overtones. More than alright.

So...are you willing to consider getting some hearing aids now that the Overtones sort of hearing aids are out there for you?

In addition to their modernized, "unapologetically visible" aesthetic, Overtones also use modern technology to provide medical-grade hearing enhancement tailored to the individual. When you first get a pair of Overtones, you'll pair it with the Overtones app, and go through a program that measures your particular ears' sensitivity to various sound frequencies. Based on the results, the app will create your personal hearing profile, and then use it to calibrate the hearing aids to enhance frequencies in complex sounds - speech, for example. The result, presuming all this Overtone talk is legit, will be a clear, crisp feed of sound from the world to your ears.

When you're not interested in listening to the world, you can also use Overtones to listen to music, or take calls over Bluetooth.

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