Men's Testosterone Test Kit

Posted: October 08, 2017
Men's Testosterone Test Kit

The men's testosterone test kit from Verisana invites you to put your saliva where your gravelly voice, your heavy lifting sessions, your extreme self confidence, your Raawwwrr! is. This at-home spit sampler requires no needles or blood, just a dab of saliva you swab, seal in a tube, and mail back to Verisana for analysis. After measuring your sample's testosterone levels, the company will submit its lab report to you via email.

For athletes and gym rats, taking regular testosterone tests can let you know if the type of training you're doing, or the (legal, of course) boosters you're taking, are having the desired impact on your hormones. For others with concerns about a deficiency or surplus of the sex hormone, the test is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to know where you stand, particularly if you're looking to monitor levels after you've begun a professional treatment plan.

Verisana points out some possible symptoms of a testosterone deficiency include: decreased libido; muscle decline; and reduced hair growth. Excessive testosterone can cause: increased hair growth; impure skin; and increased aggression.

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