LastTissue Reusable Tissue Pack

Posted: February 26, 2020
LastTissue Reusable Tissue Pack
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LastObject says LastTissue, a reusable tissue pack, and the company's latest sustainable crowdfunding project, is "like if a handkerchief and a tissue pack had a baby." Which is to say, LastTissue is a set of handkerchiefs stuffed in a travel-sized, silicone tissue box. Unlike the LastSwab, LastObject's first big foray into eco-friendly everyday products, this isn't really a new approach to reducing waste, but an attempt to make the thing we used to blow our noses before tissues were invented the thing we use to blow our noses once again.

Kind of like how "farm-to-table" and "slow food" were the only way they ate a few generations ago, and then everything became mass production, fast food, and microwave dinners, and now we're bringin' back the OGs like they're the hot new thing.

That's noot to knock LastObject and LastTissue for their mission statement - "creating sustainable alternatives to single-use items" - and they've certainly given the hankies my grandpa used some aesthetic and functional upgrades. The LastTissue case, a slim rectangle with a top flap, contains 6 organic cotton tissues rolled and stacked inside. To keep the clean tissues separate from the dirty ones, the case has a silicone barrier that covers the top unused tissue. So the way it works is you pull your clean snot rag out from the bottom, give the mucus and boogers a good blow, and then stuff it soiled back in the top opening. This presses the clean tissues down so the next one is available for the taking. Once you hit your last tissue, you'll see the barrier and know it's time to wash and repack.

Each LastTissue can be washed in the machine up to 460 times, and the silicone case is dishwasher safe.

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