Kailo Nanotech Bio-Antenna Pain Patch

Posted: November 20, 2020
Kailo Nanotech Bio-Antenna Pain Patch

Kailo Patch: a giant nanotech pain in my ass, or a miracle solution for the giant pain in my decidedly not-nano ass? The nanocapacitor-packed patch Kailo makers say acts as a "bio-antenna" to turn off pain wherever you apply it is probably somewhere in between.

An adhesive patch that looks like some sort of oversized microchip or QR code, Kailo is designed to interact with your body's electrical system, and the pathways that send pain signals from your brain to your sore back / head / neck / elbow / left butt cheek. Kailo says applying it properly - which requires a little more than peel-and-stick on the sore spot - helps naturally relieve pain anywhere in your body.

Kailo patches are reusable, with swappable adhesive backings, and individual backings lasting for multiple days / removals and reapplications.

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