Hormel Bacon-Scented Face Mask

Posted: October 22, 2020
Hormel Bacon-Scented Face Mask

#BreathableBacon and the Hormel bacon-scented face mask it refers to are, surprisingly, one of the least surprising hashtags and products of 2020. Honestly, the sexy (and elusive! More on that later.) Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon face covering is way less of an Oh hell no! than a D'oh! moment for me. As in "D'oh! Why didn't I think of that?" I could be rich now! And smelling bacon everytime I go out in public!

Speaking of which, for those who object to or dislike wearing face masks, seems like Hormel has sweetened - or rather, fattened up and cured - the pot with their Black Label Breathable Bacon. Yes, dudes, for the time being many municipalities have mandated that we have to wear uncomfortable face masks when we're out. But to ease the anger, anxiety, and frustration some of us feel about it, we can inhale the soothing, intoxicating scent of hardwood-smoked pork belly while we're doing it. Think of it as an essential oil. Coromatherapy.

Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon face masks are made of 2-play fabric, and available - now, the true-to-2020 bad news - to those who win Hormel's Breathable Bacon lottery. You can enter through October 28, 2020, and Hormel will draw whiff winners at random on November 4. If you want part of your personal pandemic protection plan to include inhaling bacon, head over to the Breathable Bacon website to enter to win one of the Black Label bacon masks.

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