Go F Yourself Condom Card

Posted: January 29, 2017
Go F Yourself Condom Card
$9.99 - $12.99
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I can think of many people to whom I'd like to send a Go F Yourself card (complete with packaged condom for carrying out the act!) but one dude stands out like a glowing beacon bobbing amidst the sea of the rest. How about you? Anyone in your world who deserves this very special Valentine's gift?

I'll sweeten the pot: you can send the card anonymously.

The safe-sex-practicing jokers behind FunnyCondoms.com have created a most classy way to throw shade at your ex, your boss, your a-hole cousin, or your favorite bro to prank. Their design ships in an "elegant wedding invitation style envelope" stuffed with a one-sided die-cut card that sends the message home with a "Go Fuck Yourself"-wrapped condom. The rest of the text: "You're cordially invited to celebrate this momentous occasion to [Go Fuck Yourself condom here]. You obviously said or did something to someone, and they thought you could use this condom to literally Go Fuck Yourself."


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