Ginger Foot Pads for Detox & Better Sleep

Posted: July 02, 2022
Ginger Foot Pads for Detox & Better Sleep
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Ginger Foot Pads give new meaning to the expression, "Sleep it off." Or attempt to, anyway - reviews are mixed on how well these overnight detoxifiers really work.

Adhered to the soles of your feet, Ginger Foot Pads are said to draw out toxins from your body - including those that cause rank-ass-smelling footsies - promote blood circulation, relieve stress, enhance immunity, and improve your quality of sleep. Those are some lofty goals for some mere herb-infused pieces of gauze, my dudes, but if the Ginger Foot Pads could do even one of those things for me, I might be satisfied. (My wife votes for the rank-ass-smelling footsies things.)

Ginger Foot Pads contain a handful of other natural ingredients, in addition to their namesake ginger powder, including bamboo and wood vinegars, tourmaline, and vitamin C. Approving Foot Pad users say they do get better sleep wearing them, and some note they turn black during use, which makes them think the pads are successfully drawing out toxins, but others point out that is probably just the black tourmaline powder coming to the surface. Another expression applicable to Ginger Foot Pads: your mileage may vary.

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