Game of Thrones Temporary Tattoos

Posted: October 22, 2014
Game of Thrones Temporary Tattoos
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No girl who applies one of Seventh Skin's Game of Thrones temporary tattoos better get mad at me for staring at her chest. The intricacy, the detail, and the artistry of these short-term odes to Houses Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, and Greyjoy are nothing short of mesmerizing. And your rack is nice too, ma'am.

Seventh Skin has created 7 different Game of Thrones temporary tats, the best ones being 4 massive "House of..." pieces. Those span around and upwards of 12" wide x 7" high when applied. House Targaryen, the largest, features flames, a warhorse, a dragon egg, and sundered Iron Throne Elements, plus the 3-headed dragon House sigil. House Stark tattoos the family's signature "Winter is Coming" refrain along the sternum, with surrounding flourishes of a direwolf, arrow, quill, and battle gear. House Baratheon spells out "Ours Is the Fury" atop wide-spanning antlers and various implements of war. House Greyjoy is a slightly simpler "We Do Not Sow" credo enveloped by a kraken-like creature, plus a broken spear, mermaid, and jagged implements of the sea.

Temporary Game of Thrones tattoos also come in smaller styles, including the Hand of the King symbol, the Targaryen sigil, and the scripted lines "Valar Morghulis" and "Valar Dohaeris".

The Game of Thrones temporary tattoos are a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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